Letters to the Editor "Praise for Featured Home Builder"

"I enjoyed your September article on Luxury Home Builders, especially your profile on Steigerwald-Dougherty.

Four years ago we purchased a "green shag carpet" home in Rancho Santa Fe. Pat Dougherty commandeered the 10 month remodeling project.

Pat not only delivers a quality finished project, he definitely takes a personal interest and is available day and night, including Sunday, to handle every phase of the construction. He is determined to make the client happy. Building a new home or doing a major remodel can be extremely stressful, even under the best circumstances. Let me say I definitely do not think we fell into the "easy-going" category as far as clients go. Pat was always there and I had every confidence my house would be perfect upon completion - and it is. Pat's work ethic and integrity was a breath of fresh air in today's world.

Hats off to Steigerwald-Dougherty. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Every word of the article was true."