Use drought tolerant plants
Drip irrigation
No invasive plants
Create multiple zones for each plant type
Install moisture sensor and rain delay controller
Confirm no sprays hit structures or hard surfaces
Rainwater harvest system for irrigation
Permeable paving
Pavers with porous sub base
Direct hardscape run off to softscape areas
Locate trees and plants to shade flatwork
Use high reflective light colored hardscape
Preserve undisturbed zones
Plan for mature plants to be 24" from home
Consider a green roof

Air Infiltration:
Reduce building envelope leakage
Energy Star windows
Install carbon monoxide monitors
Install tight fitting fireplace doors
Install automatic timers on bathroom fans

Use blown in cellulose insulation

Water Heating:
Install on demand circulation loop
Insulate all hot water lines
Install domestic solar hot water system

Use LED lighting where possible
Install occupancy sensors in all rooms

Use low or no VOC paint products to prevent toxic off gassing
Bean Clean paint stripper

Moisture Control:
No paper faced backer board in showers
Water resistant floors in kitchens and baths
Drain pan for water heaters, clothes washers, dishwashers

Renewable Energy:
Install photovoltaic (PV) solar system
Install domestic hot water solar system
Install solar pool heating system

Materials and Resource Management during Construction:
Develop detailed cut list
Consider off site fabrication
Consider recycled roof tiles
Develop onsite waste management plan
Plan to keep waste out of landfill
Seal all ducts during construction process

Environmentally Preferable Products:
Use FSC Certified Tropical Woods
Use low VOC products
Use local products
Consider using recycled products
Bamboo and other fast growing wood products
Think durable and sustainable in product choices

Heating and Cooling Distribution:
Seal ducts
No ducts on exterior walls unless additional insulation added
Minimum R-3 duct insulation in unconditioned space
Use ceiling fans
High velocity HVAC system
Exhaust all fans to exterior, not attic
Room to room transfer grills
Install efficient zone controls
Install MERV 13 air filters
No HVAC in garage
Hydronic radiant floor heating