If you ever ask me to write a letter on your behalf (and I hope you do), this is what I'd say.

"...Steigerwald/Dougherty, under Pat Dougherty's direction, built a new home for my family in Rancho Santa Fe. We chose Pat for the project after interviewing references of a number of builders that we were considering. The people with whom we talked had nothing but positive things to say about Pat. Based on our experience, we now understand why support for Pat was both universal and unwavering.

Our building project was challenging. The home we designed and built will be our family's home forever. Hence, we were extraordinarily demanding clients. Every detail was important to us and we were uncompromising in our expectations.

Throughout the building process, Pat and his team did a truly remarkable job. They worked through hundreds of large and small problems with us in a collaborative and co-operative fashion. In doing so, they functioned as true partners with us in the project. The quality of work they did was outstanding. And they operated within the budget and timetable to which we agreed.

In short, Pat is a consummate professional who was a pleasure to work with in every respect. I recommend him without qualification or reservation."